NitroNet integrates handlebars frontends into your ASP.Net WebApplication. You can also use frontends with custom handlebars helpers like for example Nitro. NitroNet comes already with built-in helpers for Nitro but you can easily add your own helpers with these instructions.


Nitro is a very flexible framework to structure and create website frontends. Nitro follows very strict the design patterns of Atomic Design:

NitroNet Overview with Atomic Design

Furthermore an awesome pattern of Nitro is the strict seperation of view and data. The view would be defined with the template framework handlebars.js - and the Data would be injected with NitroNet over a custom MVC Controller. That's it!

Using NitroNet

The installation is pretty much simple. You are one step away to do this!

  • If you like to install NitroNet for a ASP.Net MVC Solution? Follow this link
  • If you like to install NitroNet for Sitecore? Follow this link