In a nutshell

What's NitroNet?

NitroNet is a handlebars view engine with an intelligent built-in file system and the possibility to add custom helpers. Because of these two features NitroNet differs from other existing handlebars view engines. It works with ASP.NET MVC web applications and uses Veil from Chris Sainty as the underlying handlebars parser. It is originally based on the project TerrificNet and developed mainly by Fabian Geiger und Manuel Fischer.
The support for the custom helpers used in Nitro are already implemented by default.


  • NitroNet possesses a smart buil-in file system which caches all your frontend files and listens to changes. If files are updated on disk they are also updated in the cache. This happens instantly and without an IIS restart.
    • You specify your frontend paths and file extension
    • It's also possible to filter specific paths with regex patterns
  • The used handlebars parser Veil is customized and thus allows you to implement and register your own handlebars helpers.
  • Out of the box integration as view engine
  • Different NuGets for your preferred IoC framework.

What's NitroNet for Sitecore?

NitroNet for Sitecore extends NitroNet with the support for the WCMS Sitecore. It handles all possible presentation scenarios to integrate a handlebars frontend into Sitecore without functional loss. In addition it's possible to get a hybrid integration with handlebars frontends (based on simple and logic-less view pages) and own Razor views (*.cshtml).
It is developed mainly by Fabian Geiger and Manuel Fischer.


  • Support for the following Sitecore characteristics:
    • Sublayouting
    • Placeholders
    • Renderings
    • Full support for the Experience Editor
    • Personalization
    • etc...
  • Caching which fully integrates into the Sitecore caching mechanisms
  • Out of the box integration as view engine
  • Different NuGets for supported Sitecore versions and your preferred IoC framework

Easy to use

NitroNet is a simple to use View-Engine for your ASP.Net MVC Application, based on Handlebar Templates.

Sitecore Integration

NitroNet is easy to adapt for your destination .Net system. We have created an own Module to use NitroNet in the Content Management System Sitecore.

Open Source

NitroNet is free to use and covered under the MIT license. Please feel free to extend or modify this solution. You can find the SourceCode in GitHub.

Need support?

Please feel free and do not hesitate to contact us. Any type of questions are very welcome!